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A network technician needs to install an additional access point to the company's wireless network. The network has two 802.11b access points. Which of the following channels should be used to allow the access point's coverage areas to overlap?

  • A. 1, 6, 11
  • B. 2, 5, 10
  • C. 3, 13, 23
  • D. 4, 8, 16

Answer: A

When configuring a wireless access point, Zach, a network administrator, needs to determine the MAC address of a local printer. Which of the following commands would be MOST helpful in determining the MAC address?

  • A. ping
  • B. arp
  • C. route
  • D. dig

Answer: B

Which of the following cables is MOST likely to be terminated into a patch panel?

  • A. Serial
  • B. RG-6
  • C. RG-59
  • D. CAT6

Answer: D

Several users at an adjacent office building report connectivity issues after a new building was built in between the two offices. The network technician has determined the adjacent office building is connected to the main office building via an 802.11ac bridge. The network
technician logs into the AP and confirms the SSID, encryption and channels are all correct. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of this issue?

  • A. Device saturation
  • B. Antenna type
  • C. Bandwidth saturation
  • D. Interference

Answer: D

A network administrator wants to logically separate web function servers on the network. Which of the following network devices will need to be configured?

  • A. IPS
  • B. Switch
  • C. Hub
  • D. HIDS

Answer: B

A small office has an Internet connection that drops out about two times per week. It often takes until the next day for the vendor to come out and fix the issue. Which of the following should the office implement to reduce this downtime?

  • A. EULA
  • B. SLA
  • C. SOW
  • D. MOU

Answer: B

Users connecting to an SSID appear to be unable to authenticate to the captive portal. Which of the following is the cause of this issue?

  • A. WPA2 security key
  • B. SSL certificates
  • C. CSMA/CA

Answer: D

Patches have just need released by a third-party vendor to resolve a major vulnerability. There are over 100 critical devices that need to be updated. Which of the following actions should be taken to ensure the patch is installed with minimal downtime?

  • A. Test the patch in a lab environment and then install it in the production network during the next scheduled maintenance:
  • B. Download and install all patches in the production network during the next scheduled maintenance period.
  • C. Configure end points to automatically download and install the patches.
  • D. Deploy the patch in a lab environment and immediately install it in the production environment.

Answer: D

Which of the following ports is the default telnet port?

  • A. 20
  • B. 21
  • C. 22
  • D. 23

Answer: D

When a client calls and describes a problem with a computer not being able to reach the Internet, in which of the following places of the OSI model would a technician begin troubleshooting?

  • A. Transport layer
  • B. Physical layer
  • C. Network layer
  • D. Session layer

Answer: B

Explanation: The bottom layer of the OSI reference model is Layer 1, the physical layer.
The physical layer is the layer that defines the hardware elements of a network. These elements include:
Network Interface Cards Network topology Network cabling
The type of signals used for data transmissions
When troubleshooting a network connectivity issue, the first thing you would check is the computer’s network cabling, the network card etc. In other words, the computer’s physical connection to the network.

Which of the following is used to assign an IP address to a device?

  • A. DHCP
  • B. NTP
  • C. DNS

Answer: A

Which of the following is an advantage of utilizing a Layer 2 switch rather than a hub?

  • A. A switch avoids broadcast storms
  • B. A switch detects frame collisions
  • C. A switch increases broadcast domains
  • D. A switch increases collision domains

Answer: B

Which of the following describes a design where traffic is shared between multiple network servers to provide greater throughput and reliability?

  • A. Load balancing
  • B. MPLS trunking
  • C. VLAN tagging
  • D. Multiplexing

Answer: A

An administrator has a virtualization environment that includes a vSAN and iSCSI switching. Which of the following actions could the administrator take to improve the performance of data transfers over iSCSI switches?

  • A. The administrator should configure the switch ports to auto-negotiate the proper Ethernet settings.
  • B. The administrator should configure each vSAN participant to have its own VLAN.
  • C. The administrator should connect the iSCSI switches to each other over inter-switch links (ISL).
  • D. The administrator should set the MTU to 9000 on the each of the participants in the vSAN.

Answer: D

Explanation: When using an iSCSI SAN (with iSCSI switching), we can improve network performance by enabling ‘jumbo frames’. A jumbo frame is a frame with an MTU of more than 1500. By setting the MTU to 9000, there will be fewer but larger frames going over the network. Enabling jumbo frames can improve network performance by making data transmissions more efficient. The CPUs on switches and routers can only processone frame at a time. By putting a larger payload into each frame, the CPUs have fewer frames to process.

While installing new network equipment, a network administrator wants to add infrastructure to keep the cables organized in the environment. The administrator also needs cables to be easily removed or added due to the constantly changing environment. Which of the following will BEST fulfill the requirement?

  • A. Hook and loop straps
  • B. Ladder trays
  • C. Raised floor
  • D. Cable ties

Answer: B

Explanation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable_tray#Types

At which of the following layers of the OSI model do packets exist?

  • A. Network
  • B. Session
  • C. Data link
  • D. Transport

Answer: A

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