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You are a technical support specialist for your company.
The Company's sales staff are issued a company laptop to use when interfacing with Microsoft Dynamics 365. They need to integrate their smart phones with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well. Many of their phones, however, do not have a supported web browser.
What should you suggest to meet this sales staffs need?

  • A. Advise them to run the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web app on their phones.
  • B. Advise them to use the web client to access Microsoft Dynamics 365 from their phones.
  • C. Advise them to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App from the Office 365 Admin portal.
  • D. Advise them to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App from their phone's store.

Answer: D

You are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales.
Your marketing department has given you a number of illustrated documents that explain how your product is superior to various competitors.
You have been tasked with adding this material to Dynamics 365 so the salespeople can use and email the material to their prospects, all from within Dynamics 365.
How should you complete this task?

  • A. Add the documents to SharePoint and set up the SharePoint integration with Dynamics 365.
  • B. Add the documents as sales literature, and associate them with the right competitors.
  • C. Add the documents as Email Templates associated with the opportunity entity.
  • D. Add the documents as attachments in the notes section for each competitor.

Answer: B

You are a salesperson using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You need to create a quote for services to be offered to one of your customers. You have selected a potential customer and saved the quote record.
What should you add to the quote?

  • A. Add Service Activities.
  • B. Add Price Lists.
  • C. Add Quote Products as tine items.
  • D. Add a connection between the Opportunity and the Quote.

Answer: B

You have been working with a potential customer for some company. You need to disqualify the lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
time and learn that they are purchasing the product from another When disqualifying the lead, which option should you select?

  • A. Disqualify > Lost to competitor
  • B. Disqualify > Lost
  • C. Disqualify
  • D. Disqualify > Reject Lead

Answer: C

You are creating Word Templates for a customer using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
The customer needs a Word Template for the account entity and wants to merge data records related to the account
Which related records can be included in the Word Templates?

  • A. only records related in N:1 and N:N relationships
  • B. only records related in N:1 and 1:N relationships
  • C. records related in 1:
  • D. N:1. and N:N relationships
  • E. only records in an N:1 relationship

Answer: A

You are a sales manager who has a large sates team.
You want to track when you lose sales to your competitors.
Which activity allows you to track your competitors in relationship to a lost opportunity?

  • A. Resolution activities
  • B. Phone activities
  • C. Task activities
  • D. Email activities

Answer: B

You are a sales manager.
You need to have a formal way for your sales staff to trade your competitor information against over the course of the year.
Which three areas in Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow you to track this information? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Opportunities
  • B. Tasks
  • C. Sales literature
  • D. Cases
  • E. Products

Answer: BCD

You are a sales person working in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web interface
You want to create a view that you can use to segment your active customers by area, based on their physical address.
Which three steps must be followed to set up a personal view that you can use without having to create it each time? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A. Use Advanced Find to search both Accounts and Con
  • B. Save your query, and give it a name.
  • C. Export the query to Excel, and import it every time ydu need to use it
  • D. Use Advanced Find to search for alt Account records that are active.
  • E. Use Advanced Find to filter the records, based on the*r ZIP/Post code.

Answer: BC

An organization manages their sales process and tracks their competitors on opportunities through Microsoft Dynamics 365. A sales executive requests a report on how they are performing against each of their competitors. Using only out-of-box capabilities, how should you get this report for the sales executive?

  • A. On a view of opportunities, run the Pipeline Management Excel Template.
  • B. Add the Power BI content pack for Sales Managers, and share it with the executive.
  • C. Run the built-in Competitor Win/Loss report and send it to the sales executive.
  • D. Create a dashboard with the chart editor and include the competitors' details, and share it with the sates executive.

Answer: C

You need visibility to all of your Opportunities to better analyze the information to decide how best to progress with each. What is unique to a Personal View of Opportunities?

  • A. You can share them.
  • B. You can export them.
  • C. You can view them.
  • D. You can use Charts with them.

Answer: C

An organization uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for lead management The organization wants to keep leads warm by contacting them weekly.
How should you help your users contact leads on a regular basis by using Relationship Insights?

  • A. Create a workflow on leads to remind the owner if there has been no activity for seven days.
  • B. Enable the Relationship Assistant on the card options for "No Activity with Lead." and change the "Days before notifying™" to 7.
  • C. Enable Email Engagement on the card options for No Activity with Lead," and change the "Days before notifying™" to 7.
  • D. Enable Relationship Insights with Relationship Analytics to show cards for leads with no activity.

Answer: D

You are a Sales Manager using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You need to analyze how your sales performance and activities relate to sales of products that happened after the initial order. The sales transactions are stored in an ERP system.
Which tool should you use to combine your sales activities with your ERP sales data?

  • A. Power BI
  • B. Excel Templates
  • C. the Report Wizard in Dynamics 365
  • D. Charts and Dashboards

Answer: C

You want to review the status of the sales opportunities you have been working on for the past three months.
Which three system views allow you to review Won and Lost opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics 365? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Closed Opportunities
  • B. All Opportunities
  • C. Top Open Opportunities
  • D. My Open Opportunities
  • E. Lost Opportunities

Answer: AD

An organization uses goals in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track sales via opportunities on existing customers.
Customers are grouped into "standard" and "VIP" categories.
You need to create goals that only calculate sales on each account flagged as a "VIP" customer.
Which approach should you take?

  • A. Create a rollup query on the account entity, and add a query that only includes accounts flagged as VIP.
  • B. Create a rollup query on the opportunity, and add a query that only includes opportunities related to accounts flagged as VIP.
  • C. Create a goal metric and specify it to only calculate revenue from accounts flagged as VIP.
  • D. Create a rollup field, and set it to only include opportunities related to active accounts flagged as VIP.

Answer: C

You are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track competitors.
A user has closed an opportunity as lost but the user forgot to add the correct competitor in the process.
How should you instruct the user to ensure the correct competitor is tracked?

  • A. Ask the user to open the opportunity, close record associated with the opportunity, and add the competitor.
  • B. Ask the user to reopen the opportunity, and add the competitor association directly to the opportunity.
  • C. Ask the user to reopen the opportunity, repeat the close process, and add the competitor during this process.
  • D. Ask the user to change the competitor association on the opportunity record.

Answer: A

After several weeks of negotiation with a customer, the customer decides to purchase ten tor them.
You need to send a new quote to the customer while keeping records of the requested change. What should you do?

  • A. Revise the quote, activate, and send the new quote to the customer.
  • B. Close the quote as Los
  • C. Create a new quote and send it to the customer.
  • D. Create a new Opportunity, and send a new quote to the customer.
  • E. Close the Opportunity as Lost create a new quote, and send it to the customer.

Answer: A

You are the sales manager for your company.
You want to trade key performance indicators as well as record activities for all of your clients in order to improve the ratio of, and turn leads into, sales.
Which feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will allow you to do this?

  • A. Relationship Analytics
  • B. Email Engagement
  • C. Auto Capture
  • D. Relationship Assistant

Answer: C

On an Opportunity. you need to show Stakeholder, Products. Competition, and Sales Teams related to the Opportunity. What ,s automatically set when selecting a related record from within the Opportunity form?

  • A. the creation date of the related record
  • B. the Last Date Modified field on the related record
  • C. the relationship between the related record and the Opportunity
  • D. the ownership of the related record

Answer: A

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