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Building your Data Model What are the 2 types of objects?


    Explanation: 1. Standard objects
    2. Custom objects

    Which will execute first Apex Scheduler code or workflow rules?


      Explanation: Apex Scheduler code will execute first at the specified time. If the Apex Scheduler code causes updation of any record then the triggers & workflow rules for that object will execute.

      List the 3 layers of the Tiered design model.


        Explanation: 1. User Interface
        2. Business Logic
        3. Data Model

        NEW QUESTION 4
        External id can be used for matching record during which of these operations using the Apex Data Loader

        • A. upsert
        • B. update
        • C. delete

        Answer: A

        NEW QUESTION 5
        'View All' has been checked at the profile level for a custom object Position. OWD is private of the Position object. A user will be able to view Position records owned by other users.

        • A. True
        • B. False

        Answer: A

        NEW QUESTION 6
        What can be done with Visualforce?


          Explanation: Create pages with custom look and feel

          NEW QUESTION 7
          In a multistep process, when do you decide the decision criteria and approval assignment?

          • A. Creating initial submission actions
          • B. Defining recall actions
          • C. Deciding step definition
          • D. Setting final approval actions

          Answer: C

          NEW QUESTION 8
          If a lookup field is optional, what actions can you define for the field if someone deletes a referenced lookup record? (Select all that apply)

          • A. Clear the value of this field
          • B. Delete all records which contain this reference
          • C. Don't allow deletion of the lookup record that's part of a lookup relationship
          • D. Delete this record also

          Answer: ACD

          NEW QUESTION 9
          CORRECT TEXT
          When is a validation rule enforced?


            Explanation: Before the user can save the record. When the user hits save, the record cannot be saved unless all validation rules are fulfilled.

            NEW QUESTION 10
            CORRECT TEXT
            What values are available for Field-level security?


              Explanation: Visible, Read-Only

              NEW QUESTION 11
              A manual sharing can be created for a standard or custom object u sing the Apex Data Loader.

              • A. True
              • B. False

              Answer: A

              NEW QUESTION 12
              CORRECT TEXT
              What is the limit for Fields History Tracking per object?


                Explanation: 20 fields per object

                NEW QUESTION 13
                CORRECT TEXT
                What is Connect Offline?


                  Explanation: Connect Offline is a client application that lets you access a subset of Salesforce records using the same browser-based interface as the online system but without an Internet connection.

                  NEW QUESTION 14
                  User B has created an Associate record. At the profile level, the profile 'Custom-Recruiter' of User A has Read, Edit access for Associate. OWD of Associate is 'Public Read/Write'. What access will User A have for the record created by User B?

                  • A. Read and Edit because OWD can make record access lesser restrictive
                  • B. Only Read

                  Answer: A

                  NEW QUESTION 15
                  Identify the correct statements about dependent picklists (Select all that apply):

                  • A. Standard picklists can be controlling fields but not dependent fields
                  • B. The maximum number of values allowed in a controlling field is 400
                  • C. Before defining a dependency, you should ensure that your picklist has at least 1 value
                  • D. A custom multi-select picklist can be set at the controlling field for a dependent field
                  • E. If a field represents both a controlling field

                  Answer: ACE

                  NEW QUESTION 16
                  While creating a list view for opportunities if the filter chosen is “My Opportunity Teams” then this list view will list these opportunities:

                  • A. Opportunities owned by that user even if that user is not a member of the Opportunity Teams of those opportunities
                  • B. Only those opportunities owned by that user in which he is also a member of the Opportunity Teams of those opportunities
                  • C. Opportunities owned by that user or any other user in which he is a member of the Opp

                  Answer: C

                  NEW QUESTION 17
                  What does development mode enable? (Select all that apply)

                  • A. Inline editor
                  • B. File check In and out
                  • C. Page creation
                  • D. Development sandbox

                  Answer: AC

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