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How many releases a year does Sales force typically deliver?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 5
  • E. Depends on the roadmap

Answer: C

3 releases are issued per year. Spring, Slimmer, Winter All are distributed automatically during a pre-scheduled maintenance window.

Who can publish the article on Knowledge?

  • A. User with "Manage Article" and CRUD on Article Type
  • B. User with Archive Articles in public Group

Answer: A

What is Data Enrichment?

  • A. Identifying and merging duplicate records.
  • B. Systematic collection or organization and analysis of data
  • C. Creating format consistency, removing bad data, and consolidating resources.
  • D. Improving existing data by linking additional data services.

Answer: A

Describe the use cases for Delegated Administration


    Explanation: Create /edit users and reset passwords Create default sales teams
    Create personal groups for users Assign users to specified profiles
    Login as a user who has granted login access Manage custom objects
    They help to assign routine admin tasks to others Take the weight off of other Application

    What is an example of Web-to-X usage?

    • A. Candidates apply to a position directly on a website and their information is stored in Sales force.
    • B. You can update your Company's website from Sales force
    • C. You can schedule data updates from your website to Sales force.

    Answer: A

    Describe some techniques for motivating users:


      Explanation: 1- Gel executive sponsorship (including having them use it in meetings)
      2- Win over sales personnel
      3- Identify power users and evangelists
      4- Create motivations everywhere, both inside and outside the system
      5- Use both marketing messages and the app itself as drivers

      Can Ideas be used in the Self-Service Portal?

      • A. Yes - They can also be used in Customer and Partner Portals
      • B. No - They can only be used in Customer and Partner Portals
      • C. No - Ideas cannot be used in any portals
      • D. Yes - Only if the portal has a custom manager custom profile associated to them.

      Answer: B

      When should you consider the System Debug Log? Choose 3 answers.

      • A. Workflow Rules
      • B. Custom Formula Fields
      • C. Assignment Rules
      • D. Escalation Rules

      Answer: ACD

      The IT organization at Universal Containers wants to install a specific version of Connect Offline on all employee machines and periodically monitor which version of the product employees are using. How can they do this?
      Choose 2 answers

      • A. This is not possibl
      • B. Connect Offline must be installed by each Sales force user.
      • C. Administrators in IT can see which version of Connect Offline that each user has by looking at the user role.
      • D. Administrators in IT can monitor the version of Connect Offline that each user has by looking at the user login history.
      • E. Windows Network Administrators can install Connect Off line on several machines at once using the MSI package available under Setup > Desktop Integration > Connect Offline.

      Answer: CD

      What are some examples of Web-to-X usage of SFDC?


        Explanation: 1- A candidate entering application information on a website
        2- A person responding to request for information after clicking on a web to lead form
        3- A person submitting a help request on a web to case form

        NEW QUESTION 11
        The Service Level and SLA Expiration Date are fields on an Account. An Administrator would like to display service level information from accounts on all cases related to those accounts. How can the administrator accomplish this?

        • A. Account fields cannot be displayed on a case; the administrator would need to run a report
        • B. Only by writing Apex code
        • C. By creating across object field update
        • D. By creating a cross object formula field

        Answer: D

        NEW QUESTION 12
        Define User Adoption


          Explanation: User adoption means gaining the trust of users to use the system on a regular basis as intended.
          They will feel that they want to use the system instead of being forced to use it.

          NEW QUESTION 13
          A company currently uses the standard Sales force product and price hook objects. Is it possible for this company to publish product and price hook information to its corporate Web site so customers in different regions sec the correct product catalog with prices in the local currency?

          • A. Yes, with the Customer portal.
          • B. No, it is not possible to present multicurrency data.
          • C. Yes, by building a custom integration following the X-to-Web design pattern.
          • D. No, it is not possible to present data stored in standard objects other than cases and solutions to a Web site.

          Answer: C

          X-to-web enables any standard or custom object to be published into any website.

          NEW QUESTION 14
          The Excel Connector a supported product?

          • A. True
          • B. False

          Answer: B

          Explanation: The excel connector is not supported by SFDC

          NEW QUESTION 15
          Universal container wants to implement a system. There are specific unique values that needs to be related to objects. What is best way to implement it?

          • A. Create a custom object and create lookup from other object to it .
          • B. Create multiple unique pick list values.

          Answer: A

          NEW QUESTION 16
          How many levels deep can cross-object formulas go?

          • A. 2
          • B. 3
          • C. 4
          • D. 5
          • E. None of the above

          Answer: D

          Documentation shows 10 unique relationships, but study guide and some community answers show 5.

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