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Which action is possible with Connect for Lotus Notes and Sales force for Outlook? Choose 3 Answers

  • A. Create accounts in Sales force
  • B. Synchronize calendar appointments to Sales force
  • C. Upload email attachments to Sales force
  • D. Synchronize contacts and tasks to Sales force

Answer: BCD

Describe the difference between a lookup and a master-detail relationship?


    Explanation: Lookup: Creates a relationship that links this object to another object. The relationship field allows users to click on a lookup icon to select a value from a popup list. The other object is the source of the values in the list Master-detail: Creates a special type of parent-child relationship between this object (the child, or "detail") and another object (the parent, or "master").

    Which is NOT a characteristic of a multi-tenant programming language such as Apex?

    • A. Governor limits restrict the amount of interactions
    • B. Developers can reuse global code written in any org
    • C. All code is executed on the same set of Sales force servers
    • D. Classes are saved with the version of the API with which they were created

    Answer: C

    Describe the best way to manage Lockout Periods for maintenance?


      Explanation: 1- Create a profile that restricts the login hours for all users out during the maintenance session.
      2- Then use Data Loader to switch everyone back when done.

      What arc the benefits of using Visual force pages over S controls?


        Explanation: Flexibility-you have complete control over the UI
        Reuse- Common UI elements can be referenced and reused so you don't start from scratch.
        Logic Model - You can leverage the full power of Apex to create UI behaviors and replace only the parts you need for greater control.
        Development model - code is easy to create and is easily managed.

        NEW QUESTION 6
        What are the four pillars of Sales force Success?

        • A. App
        • B. Force.com Platform, Communit
        • C. App Exchange
        • D. Apps, Force.com Platfor
        • E. Community, Ideas
        • F. Force.com Platform, Community, Ideas, App Exchange
        • G. Apps, Community, App Exchange, Ideas

        Answer: A

        NEW QUESTION 7
        Validation rules help in business process for ( Select two)

        • A. Validating ranges
        • B. Validating data types
        • C. Validating Page Layouts
        • D. Validating Buttons

        Answer: AB

        NEW QUESTION 8
        What are some characteristics of web applications or web controls? Choose 3 answers.

        • A. Runs on a customer hosted web server
        • B. Ha S a custom Ul (Generally ASPNET or JSP)
        • C. It is not possible to incorporate web services API Calls into S-Controls
        • D. Are generally used for highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannotbe accommodated by S-Controls

        Answer: ABD

        NEW QUESTION 9
        Account ID is required on the Opportunity object via the API.

        • A. True
        • B. False

        Answer: B

        You do not need the Account ID on the opportunity when accessing through the API.

        NEW QUESTION 10
        Identify the advantages of declarative customization. (Select all the apply.)

        • A. Enhance security
        • B. Ease of upgrades
        • C. Ease of maintenance.
        • D. No requirements for programming knowledge
        • E. Ability to extend beyond standard functionality

        Answer: BCD

        NEW QUESTION 11
        You can provision multiple Sandbox orgs.
        There are 3 different types of sandboxes:

        • A. Production
        • B. Configuration
        • C. Developer

        Answer: A

        NEW QUESTION 12
        If you implement Territory Management, your role hierarchy will he copied to your Territory structure.

        • A. True
        • B. False

        Answer: B

        NEW QUESTION 13
        Which would you not find under Setup/ Develop?

        • A. Apps
        • B. Apex Classes
        • C. API
        • D. S-Controls

        Answer: A

        NEW QUESTION 14
        Which permission must a user have to trace in real-time using the system log?

        • A. "View All Data" permission
        • B. "Manage Users" permission
        • C. Manage Call Center" permission
        • D. "View Encrypted Data" permission

        Answer: A

        NEW QUESTION 15
        What can be turned on in Sandbox? Select all that apply:

        • A. Approval processes
        • B. Case escalation rules
        • C. Case assignment rules
        • D. Oppty reminders

        Answer: AC

        NEW QUESTION 16
        Which of the following functions may be use to optimize the size of a Formula field? Choose 2 answers

        • A. ISPICKVAL function
        • B. Case function
        • C. Contains function
        • D. ISNUMBER function

        Answer: BC

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