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Which two statements are true about Internet of Things (IoT)?

  • A. Different IOT approaches need to be established integrate different technologies such as mobile, cloud, big data, and analytics, and connects everyday objects to each other and to the Internet.
  • B. Cloud technology is well suited to enable IoT, offering high degrees of agility, low and flexible costs, and excellent resource utilization.
  • C. Using IoT, hospitality-based businesses can better track customer behavior and preferences to deliver rewards and more tailored services that differentiate their businesses.
  • D. IOT is not useful in asset tracking scenarios because there is an unavailability of low-cost connected devices and sensors that can be embedded into all of the various assets that need tracking.

Answer: AB

Explanation: https://www.oracle.com/assets/oracle-iot-solution-brief-2632911-es.pdf

Which two options cannot be performed from the Monitoring Dashboard?

  • A. Activity Stream Download
  • B. Artifacts Download
  • C. Download Incident Logs
  • D. Download Lookup
  • E. Download Diagnostic Logs

Answer: BC

Which is a required prerequisites for API Platform Cloud Services?

  • A. Storage Cloud Service and Compute Cloud Service
  • B. Integration Cloud Service
  • C. Database Cloud Service (DBCS) and Storage Cloud Service
  • D. Java Cloud Service (JCS) and Database Cloud Service (DBCS)

Answer: B

Which three are tasks that can be performed in the Monitoring page for device data messages and alert messages?

  • A. Create
  • B. Update
  • C. View
  • D. Filter
  • E. Search

Answer: ACE

Which three are types of certificates that can be imported from Settings?

  • A. Identity Certificate
  • B. Multi Domain SSL Certificate
  • C. Trust Certificate
  • D. Message Protection Certificate
  • E. Unified Communications Certificate

Answer: ACD

Which three are created and managed using the Integration page in Process Cloud Service (PCS)?

  • A. ICS Integrations
  • B. Java Cloud Services
  • C. Rest Connectors
  • D. Web Service Connectors

Answer: ACD

What are the two types of analytics processors in Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service?

  • A. Batch Analytics Processors
  • B. Natural Analytics Processors
  • C. Static Analytics Processors
  • D. streaming Analytics Processors

Answer: AD

Explanation: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/iot-cloud/iotgs/understanding-analytics-processors.html
he type of analytics processor to use depends on the nature of your data:
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Streaming Analytics Processors
Use streaming analytics processors to analyze high volumes of rapidly changing data streamed from your sensors and devices. Streaming analytics processors are continuously running from the moment you deploy them, waiting for your devices to stream data.
See Creating Streaming Analytics Processors.
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Batch Analytics Processors
Use batch analytics processors to analyze large volumes of batch data. Typically, batch analytics processors process data stored in the Oracle NoSQL or other data sources. Unlike streaming analytics processors they are not continuously running, they only run when you call them using the REST API they expose.

Which two are types of style patterns available while creating integration with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?

  • A. Notification
  • B. Metadata
  • C. Orchestration
  • D. Map Data

Answer: CD

Explanation: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/integration-cloud-service/icsug/creating-integrations.html#GUID-FC613C

Which operation is NOT supported by Stage activity?

  • A. Read Entire File
  • B. Delete File
  • C. Write File
  • D. Unzip File
  • E. Zip File
  • F. Read File in Segments

Answer: F

Which two are types of Authentication that are supported for Services in Integration API Platform Cloud Service?

  • A. Kerberos
  • B. WSS Username Token
  • C. OAuth2
  • D. BasicAuth

Answer: CD

Explanation: https://cloud.oracle.com/opc/paas/datasheets/APIPCSDataSheet_Jan2018.pdf

What Expression Language does Decision Modeling and Notation (DMN) use?

  • A. RegEx
  • B. Groovy
  • C. Friendly Enough Expression Language (FEEL)
  • D. Process Expression Language (PEL)

Answer: C

Explanation: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/process-cloud/user/understanding-feel-friendly-enough-expression-langua Decision Modeling and Notation (DMN) defines Friendly Enough Expression Language (FEEL) to provide
standard executable semantics to all expressions used within a decision model.
In Process, you use FEEL to define expressions within all notations of decision logic, including decision tables.

Which two statements are true regarding mapper activity?

  • A. You can drag and drop a source on to multiple targets.
  • B. You cannot drag and drop a source on to a target that is already mapped.
  • C. You can drag and drop function activity in the target.
  • D. You can drag and drop switcher activity in the target.

Answer: CD

Which APIs does Oracle Internet of Things (loT) Cloud Service use to perform an analysis?

  • A. Native Spark Java APIs
  • B. SQL Queries
  • C. JavaScript APIs
  • D. Big Data APIs

Answer: A

Explanation: Oracle IoT Cloud Service uses native Spark Java APIs to perform the analysis. Developers can use the Batch and Streaming spark APIs to write the analytics processing logic.
Developers can also import external APIs and use them in their application. https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/iot-cloud/iotgs/analytics-oracle-iot-cloud-service.html

What two tasks can a user with the Application Developer role perform?

  • A. Subscribe to a Plan.
  • B. Deploy to a Gateway.
  • C. Create an API.
  • D. Create an Application.

Answer: CD

Explanation: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/A58617_01/server.804/a58241/ch2.htm

Which four are key features of Oracle Integration Cloud Enterprise (OIC)?

  • A. Data stream analytics
  • B. Application Integration
  • C. Web and Mobile application creation
  • D. Business process automation
  • E. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • F. Business to Business (B2B)

Answer: ABCE

What are two possible reasons for a Gateway not getting started?

  • A. The loT Service may be down.
  • B. The provisioning file may contain correct Activation ID and Activation Secret.
  • C. There is an invalid certificate.
  • D. The provisioning file may contain incorrect Activation ID and incorrect Activation Secret.

Answer: AD

Which two statements correctly define the use cases for Business Process Execution Language(BPEL) vs. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) vs. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?

  • A. Decision Model and Notation (DMN) replaces BPMN in modern Cloud Architectures.
  • B. All are part of a typical/traditional on-premise enterprise integration strategy and can also be an important part of a hybrid on-premises/Cloud architecture.
  • C. BPEL is inherently better than BPMN in managing orchestrations that involve people, because BPEL can also interact with systems.
  • D. An ESB is used primarily for stateless messages and service mediatio
  • E. The ESB construct is being replaced by API's and API Gateways in modern Cloud architectures.
  • F. BPEL and ESB are both good technologies for doing heavy transformations of data before sending the data to a back-end system or database.

Answer: DE

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