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Which four statements are correct regarding the differences between WSDL/SOAP and REST/JSON?

  • A. REST is typically invoked with HTTP verbs.
  • B. WSLD is simpler, REST is richer
  • C. Modem API-First architectures prefer to use thed-and-true WSDUSOAP services over REST services because they are richer and provide a tighter contract
  • D. WSDL is a request for a service; REST is a request for a resource
  • E. WSDL is a tight contract; REST is a loose contract
  • F. REST more easily used in developing Uls than WSDUSOA
  • G. REST is gaining popularity in application development.

Answer: BCDF

What are the correct steps involved in Business process creation in Process Cloud Service?

  • A. Visio (vdx), BPMN 2.0 (bpmn) and XPDL 2.x (xpdl)
  • B. Perform WSDL configuration, XML message definition and web page design
  • C. Create an Abstract, Design Services, Set up Notify, Configure Send and Receive and Decisions
  • D. Create a process; assign roles to the process; Design the flow; Configure flow element properties; Define the data and then Associate the data

Answer: D


Which three are characteristics of Device Virtualization?

  • A. Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service does not support Device Virtualization.
  • B. You can monitor each device endpoint's health, performance, and location via the client software library API or with REST calls made to those devices.
  • C. You can collect data from your devices using APIs delivered with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service Client Software Libraries or Oracle IoT Cloud Service Gateway.
  • D. The APIs provided enable you to send telemetry messages and device data from your devices to Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service, control your devices, and deploy applications to your gateway devices.
  • E. Devices used are not rea
  • F. They are virtual devices and linked with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) CS.

Answer: BCD

Which is NOT a key advantage of using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?

  • A. Public/Private Cloud Portability
  • B. choice of IDE for development
  • C. Auto Association of Oracle SaaS Applications
  • D. prebuilt integrations
  • E. recommendations

Answer: B

Which four are states that a device can be in throughout its lifecycle?

  • A. Activated
  • B. Decommissioned
  • C. Disabled
  • D. Saved
  • E. Deactivated
  • F. Registered

Answer: ABEF


Which three background colors are displayed for autocomplete in Process Cloud Service?

  • A. Blue for complex binding names (their children may contain valid binding names)
  • B. Red for invalid binding names
  • C. Green for valid binding names
  • D. Orange for unmatched binding names

Answer: ABC

Explanation: The background colors displayed for the autocomplete options are:
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Green for valid binding names
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Red for invalid binding names
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Blue for complex binding names (their children may contain valid binding names)
If a control isn’t linked to an attribute or if a control is linked to an invalid attribute, an error message is
displayed in the Binding
field and an error icon is displayed in the canvas. When a control doesn't have a valid
binding, any value entered into the control in runtime is not passed on to the form payload.

Oracle Application Adapters in Service-Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOA CS) can connect to on-Premise systems. What are 2 key elements that you need to review in this architecture?

  • A. Account for network connectivity and latency sensitivity to the on-premise application in the architecture.
  • B. Ensure that Oracle Support Notes for a hybrid cloud architecture with that application are reviewed and supported.
  • C. Design a load balancer solution for connectivity.
  • D. The DMZ needs to open port 80 for proper connectivity.

Answer: AC

Which two statements are true about implementing an API-First strategy?

  • A. The API is to be developed first before any UI or new business logic are created.
  • B. It generally is assumed that SOAP/WSDL are the key specifications for defining the API.
  • C. The code to execute business logic needs to exist and be exposed as an API first before you build a strategy around it.
  • D. You define the API definition/contract first before any work on its implementation or any applications that use it, allowing to work in parallel.

Answer: AB

You receive a status code: 502 Proxy Error. Which is a possible event cause for this error?

  • A. when the proxy setup is incorrect
  • B. while registering a large number of devices using the Batch Registration feature under the Devices menu
  • C. while adding proxy for an enterprise application device
  • D. while the proxy server is not responding to the request

Answer: B


Which three Service-Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOA CS) Components can route a message to an end point?

  • A. Oracle Mediator
  • B. Oracle Business Rules
  • C. Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • D. Oracle Service Bus

Answer: ABC


What options are available for Escalation and Expiration of human tasks in Process Cloud Service?

  • A. Escalate, Restart, Next or Previous
  • B. Renew, start, end, or error
  • C. Never Escalate, Skip, hierarchy, or New
  • D. Never expire, Expire, Renew, or Escalate

Answer: D

Explanation: Configuring Task Expiration, Renewal, or Escalation
You can configure a human task to never expire, to expire after a certain time, to renew the expiration time, or to escalate after a certain time passes.
To configure an action to perform on a specific deadline:
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Click the Escalation and Expiration
tab on the implementation pane.
The Escalation and Expiration tab appears.
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Use the radio buttons to specify if you want the human task to Never expire, Expire, Renew, or
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Never expire: the human task doesn’t expire and if no user completes it, it remains in the users task list for an indeterminate period of time.
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Expire: the human task expires after the specified time and is no longer accessible from the task list.
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Renew: when the specified time passes, the expiration date is extended for one more period until it reaches the specified amount of renewals allowed.
1Z0-934 dumps exhibit Escalate: when the specified time passes, the human task is escalated to the specified escalation levels.

Which REST API can be used for registering a device as third party device?

  • A. CREATE /iot/api/v2/private/partners
  • B. POST /iot/api/v2/private/partners
  • C. REGISTER /iot/api/v2/private/partners
  • D. PUT /iot/api/v2/private/partners
  • E. GET /iot/api/v2/private/partners

Answer: B

Explanation: You can register all devices in Oracle IoT Cloud as third party partner devices by using this REST API: POST

Which two are ways the Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service environment can be accessed?

  • A. using SOAP Interface
  • B. using REST Interface
  • C. Using a desktop client
  • D. using Web Browser

Answer: BD

Which Process type should you choose to model non-sequential process type in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?

  • A. Adaptive Case Management process
  • B. Structured Process
  • C. Dynamic process
  • D. Unstructured Process

Answer: C


Which expression can you use to schedule integration runs?

  • A. a XPATH
  • B. an iCal
  • C. a JavaScript
  • D. a XSLT

Answer: B


Given that a gateway node should have a dedicated user credential for connecting to the API Platform Management Service, what grants should be assigned to that user?

  • A. Node Service Account
  • B. Deploy API
  • C. View all Details
  • D. Deploy to Gateway

Answer: A

Which three are ways enterprise applications can interact with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service?

  • A. send commands/messages
  • B. insert/update/delete data
  • C. subscribe to data
  • D. query data
  • E. subscribe to commands/messages

Answer: ABD

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